Busch's Fresh Food Market Closing Store Pharmacies by Oct. 21

The Michigan grocer is partnering with CVS and Rite-Aid to handle customers' prescriptions.

In a move that is sure to upset some of its senior clientele, Busch's Fresh Food Market, an Ann Arbor-based grocery company, is closing all pharmacies in its 15 locations across Southeast Michigan by Oct. 21.

"We have had to make a very hard decision with regard to our pharmacy business and its relationship to our future growth and long-term strategic plan," Marla Booth, vice president of marketing said. "Our decision to close our pharmacies was not made quickly or lightly. We spent a considerable amount of time discussing the impact and what we would need to do to take care of our guests and our entire pharmacy team."

Booth cited the rapidly-changing healthcare industry, and the complexities of managing a prescription pharmacy business as two reasons why the grocer decided to halt its pharmaceutical operations.

"We're going to concentrate on food products and groceries, which is what our goal was when we opened 37 years ago," she said.

Booth said the company has been working with local CVS and Rite-Aid pharmacies, which will handle each store's prescription customers after Oct. 21.

For Dexter, that means customers will now have to go to the CVS located at 5449 Jackson Road in Scio Township, or transfer their prescriptions to the Dexter Pharmacy or another pharmacy of their choice.

Customers in Saline can have their prescriptions transfered to the CVS located at 413 East Michigan Ave.

"We tried to find a CVS or Rite-Aid that was within close proximity to each of our stores," Booth said.

Longtime customer Elaine Owsley of Dexter was so upset when she heard the news, she decided to stop shopping at Busch's.

"I moved all my prescriptions to your facility because of the friendliness, the ease of placing orders and the convenience of having them where I shop. One of the reasons I shop at Busch's instead of elsewhere is, honestly, the pharmacy," Owsley wrote in an email to the company. "I never have reason to go to the CVS, and I have no interest in being in a large chain operation. If I have to go down to Zeeb and Jackson roads now, I will do my grocery shopping at Meijer."

Busch's did not provide information on how many employees would be affected by the closures, however, Booth said the company is working with its pharmacy associates to assist with jobs.

"We have offered options to all of our associates currently working in the pharmacy. Some of those include being able to interview for existing positions in other departments within Busch’s if the need exists and the interest on their part is there, and also the ability to interview with either CVS or Rite-Aid," she said.

"We are confident that given all of the available options for our pharmacy teams, they will be able to more easily navigate the transition and come to the best decision for themselves personally."

Booth said customers who have further questions are encouraged to talk with their local pharmacist.

Rosemary Blackman October 13, 2012 at 12:30 PM
I am very disappointed about the pharmacy closing. I WILL NOT transfer to CVS! Your pharmacy staff in Saline is wonderful and accomodating and they know who you are. I have shopped at Buschs' for years because of it's size and intimacy. I will transfer to the new local pharmacy and most likely food shop elsewhere. Buschs' has lost, in all departments, it's servicing of the shopper. P.S. I am not your "guest" I am a paying customer.
Karen Brown October 13, 2012 at 04:16 PM
Why would Busch's make the decision to transfer scripts to CVS or Rite-Aid which isn't even local? There are two other independent pharmacies in town, Saline Pharmacy on Bennett Street and the more recently opened Jensens Pharmacy on Michigan Avenue. Saline Pharmacy offers great customer service, accepts most if not all insurances, provides complete and courteous medication counseling, there is no wait time for scripts, and offers free delivery for those who need it. Here it seems we have a small business(Busch's) promoting a large chain over the very businesses that we say our town wants to protect, grow and nourish. If we don't protect these businesses, there will only be a CVS to get our drugs from and instead of waiting 2 hours to find out they don't have the drugs you need, it will be four to six hours, and then they won't be able to find your insurance in their system.
GiGi October 13, 2012 at 07:20 PM
"The rapidly-changing healthcare industry, and the complexities of managing a prescription pharmacy business as two reasons why the grocer decided to halt its pharmaceutical operations." Just think what a disaster it will be if Obama care isn't repealed!!!!!
Dexter resident October 15, 2012 at 06:29 PM
I hope that Dexter shoppers will choose to transfer their prescriptions to Dexter Pharmacy. Friendly, personal service and excellent customer care. For those not able to come to the store, they will deliver prescriptions. Shop local!
names not important October 25, 2012 at 05:29 PM
Lets get real here....I have a mother in law who's a pharmacy tech and her long time friend who's a pharmacist who were just let go because busch's closed.....the real reason is money.


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