Comic Book Shops See 'Amazing' Interest in Spider-Man's Fate

Marvel Comics' 'Amazing Spider-Man' series ended Wednesday with issue 700 -- and a new spider in charge.

The phone at Vault of Midnight Comix in Ann Arbor has been ringing off the hook since Monday.

Marvel Comics’ “Amazing Spider-Man” series ended Wednesday morning, Dec. 26 when issue 700 hit Ann Arbor and other comics shops across the country. A new series, “Superior Spider-Man,” starts in January.

“Amazing Spider-Man” ended – spoiler alert – with Peter Parker’s apparent death thanks to arch-enemy Dr. Octopus. Except, both Parker and Spider-Man remain alive and well. Dying, Doc Ock pulled a mind switch, putting him in the hero’s body – and with both sets of their memories.

"We're getting a lot of calls about it," store manager Nick Wribar said. "The issue just came out yesterday and we're already sold out."

Word of the ending prompted some unhappy readers to make death threats to writer Dan Slott, according to Comic Book Resources.

Wribar said the storyline has gotten local fans’ attention.

"You have to take superheroes' deaths with a grain of salt," he said. "For fans of the series it's more about, 'Does he die in a cool way?' or 'Does Spider-Man's death move the story forward'?"

Wribar said there’s been big hype surrounding Peter Parker's death in the previous three editions of the series.

"Spider-Man fans have known for awhile that something was going to happen," he said.

Those fans’ typical reaction?

"It's been a mixed reaction so far," Wribar said. "The comic is so fresh, people haven't had time to process the story and tell us their opinion. I expect it will be the talk of the store this weekend."

For fans who have not purchased a copy of The Amazing Spider-Man Issue No. 700, Wribar suggests calling around to local comic book stores across Metro Detroit before spending the gas.

"Stores are selling out fast and we haven't heard if there will be a second printing yet," he said.

Vault of Midnight is located at 219 South Main St. in Ann Arbor. For information, call 734-998-1413.


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