Dancer’s Edge Competition Dance Team Wins National Competition

The Dexter team earned top overall score for “Best Choreography” at the Cathy Roe Ultimate Dance Nationals in Ohio.

The dance number is called “How it Ends,” and for a group of teen dancers from  studio in Dexter, how it ended was with the Platinum Award and the national championship for “Best Choreography” in the Teen Large Group category at the Cathy Roe Ultimate Dance Nationals, held in Mason, Ohio July 11-15.

The students competing at the event earned the right to perform against the very best dancers in a variety of categories after earning high marks at the Cathy Roe Ultimate Dance Regionals held in Grand Rapids in April, and Howell in May. Dancer’s Edge advanced 27 dance numbers to nationals from those competitions.

“I am extremely proud of the team for their accomplishment,” said Val Potsos, who owns and operates the Dancer’s Edge studio. “But what makes this achievement so special for me is the countless hours of hard work, dedication and passion I’ve been able to observe the dancers and teachers collectively put in over the months, and then see it all come to fruition on the biggest stage of the competition season.”

In addition to performing their competition pieces, several dancers who garnered special attention from the judges at regionals were invited to participate in exclusive master classes with Cathy Roe staff choreographers at nationals.

At the Grand Rapids regional, Megan Scheppelman earned the honor of being a protégé at the national competition’s Algy Dance Fashion Show, where she acted as Cathy Roe’s personal protégé. Protégés train to act as rehearsal captains, emcees, and assist with awards ceremonies.

It is in recognition for Scheppelman’s work teaching a tap routine to dancers that would then go on to appear in the Algy Dance Fashion Show, where costume design company Algy debuts its clothing line for the following year.

Elle Walters was invited at the Howell regional to dance in the Algy Dance Fashion Show. Breanna Pierce and Sarah Repovz were also tapped in Howell to perform in the Dance Spectacular prior to the awards show at nationals, a show choreographed by Cathy Roe and guest choreographers.

Maria Theocharakis, Miranda Hartman, Darion Mayrand, Ellen Finn and Olivia Walters performed in the audition and perform segment of nationals, where dancers receive training and performance experience for the film and television industries.

“Nationals was a great learning experience for me! I especially enjoyed taking master classes and relaxing during some down time with my fellow teammates,” Scheppelman said.

Each performance at the national competition is scored by judges and then awarded silver, gold, high gold or platinum awards. Although multiple contestants in any category can win a platinum award, it is the team earning the highest overall score that earns the honor of national champion.

Below is how the other Dancer’s Edge competition dance routines scored at the Cathy Roe Ultimate Dance Nationals:

• “Beat It” - 2nd overall, senior small group, platinum 
• “Because of You” - 3rd overall, teen small group, platinum 
• “Tragedy” - 4th overall senior duet/trio, platinum, "Breath Taking” award 
• “HOT” - 4th overall teen duet/trio, high gold, "Energizer" award 
• “Glam” - 5th overall, junior small group, high gold, "Something Fierce" award 
• “Jumpin’ Jack” - 5th overall senior duet/trio, platinum 
• “Magic” - High Gold 
• “Look at Me” - High Gold 
• “Three Mix” -  High Gold 
• Spy Mix - Gold 
• “This Will Be” - Gold

• “Good Life” – performed/choreographed by Megan Scheppelman, Platinum, “Best Senior Student Choreography” 
• “With Every Heartbeat” – performed by Megan Scheppelman, 3rd Overall Senior Solo, Platinum, "Judges Choice" award 
• “Tonight” – performed by Breanna Pierce, 3rd Overall Teen Solo, Platinum 
• “Again Today” – performed by Maria Theocharakis, 9th Overall Teen Solo, Platinum 
• “Sway” – performed by Breanna Pierce, Platinum 
• “Wish You Well” – performed by Sarah Repovz, High Gold 
• “Black and Gold” – performed by Darion Mayrand, High Gold 
• “Stop and Stare” – performed by Sadie Sanchez, High Gold 
• “Dancing” – performed by Jessica Cox, High Gold 
• “Fix You” – performed by Marissa Pratt, High Gold 
• “Bum Like You” – performed by Jessica Cox, High Gold 
• “My Favorite Color” – performed by Hannah Hallstrom, Gold 
• “Devil in Me” performed by Ellen Finn, Gold 
• “Fighter” – performed by Ellen Finn, Gold 
• “Falling Down” – performed by Olivia Walters, Gold

Valerie Potsos August 22, 2012 at 11:20 AM
We need to thank Miss Jodie for all of her hard work choreographing the piece and her countless hours of dedication and hard work!


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