Q&A: Dexter Wellness Center Director Answers Readers' Questions

Director Angela Sargeant provides feedback about the future wellness center scheduled to open in June.

Submitted by Amy Heydlauff

In this month’s Chelsea-Area Wellness Foundation column I’d like to introduce Angela Sargeant.

Angela is the director of the Dexter Wellness Center. Prior to accepting the position in Dexter, she was the member services manager at the Chelsea Wellness Center. Angela worked at the Chelsea Wellness Center from the beginning, 11 years ago. She knows the business and knows customer service – which makes her a great asset in Dexter.

I thought I’d ask Angela some questions on readers' behalf.

Amy Heydlauff: You’ve been in the new facility, right? What is it like?

Angela Sargeant: The builder (A.R. Brouwer) and architect did such a beautiful job. All the studio space is large and well-designed. There are separate rooms for mind/body classes like yoga and Palates. There is a studio for aerobic classes and another for spinning. The massage rooms were carefully sound-proofed. The view from the track and fitness floor on the second floor to the pool and gym below is impressive.

Amy: Do members have access to the pool, classes and the gym as part of their membership fee?

Angela: They do.

Amy: How is the Dexter Wellness Center connected to Michigan Rehabilitation Specialists – the physical therapy practice that’s also in the building?

Angela: We are separate organizations. Like Chelsea Community Hospital’s physical therapy department in the Chelsea Wellness Center, Michigan Rehabilitation Specialists will have access to our therapy pool and any equipment they’d like to use in the course of their patient’s therapy. Having physical therapy in the wellness center is so logical. We’ll be a good team, learning from each other. It benefits clients of both organizations.

Amy: There has been conversation about the cost of family memberships. Is it accurate?

Angela: I’m not sure what information is out there. But we have a lot of options for families. If someone is only interested in scheduled gym and swim for their children the rates are $20 per month if parent(s) are members. We have structured child care and programming for a different rate. Full membership for teens is yet another option. And we have extended visitor memberships for college students during breaks and summertime. Frankly, it’s best to come to our sales office to talk with us about your family. We’ll help you determine the best, most affordable option.

Amy: When will the public be able to tour the facility?

Angela: Our grand opening is planned for early June. Our sales office is already open in downtown Dexter. You can’t miss our signs. At the sales office people can meet the team, experience a ‘fly-through’ virtual tour of the facility and get information about membership.

Amy: Do you have brochures or any other information for people to read? What is the best way to get information?

Angela: We have sales packets available. The best way to get accurate information is to visit the sales office. You can also call 1-855-558-5080, or visit Dexterwellness.org.

Submit your questions about the Dexter Wellness Center to asargeant@powerwellness.com.

MGOBLUE February 28, 2013 at 03:46 PM
Would it be possible to publish a price list so people can decide on joining without listening to a sales pitch? I think that would be very helpful since most people in Dexter are able to compare options and make decisions without being walked through the process. Then you would know what information is out there, because it would be what you shared. I figure that the facility is so nice that it will sell itself, and you'd really like to get people to come in and see your presentations because they will be more likely to sign up, but in today's atmosphere of information availability, a clearly published list of choices and prices would be appreciated. Could you put the "fly-through" on your website? That way you could get clear feedback from the community which is how the market is supposed to work: reasonable prices bring in more customers and unreasonable prices don't. Of course it's your choice. It's just strange to have to meet with "salespeople" to join a community health club. I'm thinking those prices must be pretty high. Mark
Dexter resident February 28, 2013 at 06:32 PM
A price list would be nice. I requested costs via email and they did provide individual membership costs, but ignored my request for corporate membership prices. The last posted hours for the sales office that I saw made it difficult for anyone with a full-time job to stop by when they were open.
Kimberly February 28, 2013 at 06:52 PM
I went into the sales office to ask some questions and they DO NOT throw a sales pitch or use any pressure tactics. The prices are about the same as the CCH wellness center. The staff is friendly and open to answering questions.
MGOBLUE February 28, 2013 at 11:42 PM
Thanks, Kimberly. Good to know. And I'm sure the health club will be very nice when it's open. I did go to the chelsea website to see what their prices are. Of course they aren't posted there either. What's the big deal unless they give different prices to different people?
Cool Dexter March 01, 2013 at 12:59 AM
We stopped by the sales office recently. Here's their inaugural rate card: Individual...$69/mo. + $200 one-time fee* Senior... $62/mo. + $200 one-time fee* + Add'l family members...$46/mo. each* * One-time fee is reduced for couples (to $300) & families (to $400 max). Pre-pay 12 months & 13th month is free. They will periodically run membership promotions; their current "grand opening" promotion waives the enrollment fee. Membership includes enrollment in most classes (no add'l fees, they say). What else? Supervised childcare (per child, 6 mos.-11 years) is $35/mo ($17.50 add'l child) or $10/visit ($6 add'l child). Not sure if this is included if the child is also a member (probably is). They also offer reduced rates to college students (or college-bound high school seniors) but only during school vacations: $20 for 7 consecutive days or $55/mo. (Also, this article mentions a kids $20/mo rate for "scheduled gym and swim" - they didn't bring that up when we were there, and we did specifically ask. Maybe it's new?) Their posted hours: M-Th... 5a-9:30p F... 5a-8p Sat-Sun... 7a-6p Childcare hours (up to 2 hrs per visit; 1 visit/day): M-Th... 8a-2p & 4p-8p F-Sat... 8a-2p Sun... 10a-2p There also may be some sort of reciprocal relationship with the Chelsea Wellness center, but they haven't announced anything yet.


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