Valicor Expands in Scio Township, Adds 16 New Jobs

The industrial fluids recycling company received $3.5 million in tax incentives from Scio Township to expand operations.

Valicor, a local business specializing in oil recycling and alternative fuels, recently expanded its operations in the village of Dexter.

According to Ann Arbor USA.org, the company, located at 7455 Newman Blvd., moved its research facility and headquarters to a new 36,000 square-foot building on 8 acres of property in the village.

The expansion was made possible through a partnership with Ann Arbor Spark and Scio Township. The township provided $3.5 million in tax incentives to Valicor. As part of its expansion, Valicor will invest $5 million in the project, adding 16 new jobs, mostly in research and chemical engineering.

Valicor was founded in 1997 as an industrial fluids recycling company. 

“Separation technologies and chemistry are imperative for Valicor’s future growth,” CEO Tom Czartoski told the blog. “We are excited that our new facility will allow Valicor to focus on new key products and technologies for future growth –including a technology with the potential to extract valuable products from algae such as Omega 3 and oil. All of the research and development for this multi-year company project will take place at our new location. Ann Arbor SPARK has been a great partner in helping guide us through this project."

The company currently has 40 employees in Dexter and another 210 at other locations, including its waste management facility in Cincinnati, Ohio. Czartoski said Valicor’s additional staffing will allow for expanded research and process development to support the company’s continued growth.

To read the full story, visit the Ann Arbor USA website.


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