VIDEO: Dexter Residents Begin Insurance Claims Process

Allstate and State Farm among other insurance companies, have mobile stations around Dexter.

For residents affected by the tornado that hit Dexter last week, there are many plans to be made to rebuild. Key among them for homeowners is contacting their insurance companies.

Allstate, and AAA were among the insurance providers who had mobile stations in Dexter over the weekend.

Jeff Ormond, Allstate regional communications specialist, said that residents have stopped by with questions about when they can expect to be reimbursed for damages to questions about their range of coverage.

"For a situation like this, homeowners' insurance and auto insurance are the most important," he said.

Specifically, Ormond said that replacement cost coverage is key to receive the full reimbursement for items in your home. He also said that natural disasters like this are a good reminder for homeowners to take an inventory of their belongings. Allstate has a mobile app to complete such an inventory.

Angie Rinock, public affairs representative for State Farm, said it's important for homeowners to call their insurance agent right away if they think they might have damage.

Other tips include:

  • If it's safe to do so, make temporary repairs to prevent any further damage to your home and belongings. This could mean hiring a company to dry out an attic with wet insulation, tarping the roof, and boarding up windows.
  • Save your receipts for any supplies or costs associated with preventing further damage to your home. These may be able to be reimbursed.
  • If you can't live in your home, call your insurance company to see what your policy contains regarding additional living expenses.

State Farm has claim representatives in Dexter assessing tornado damage. To file a claim or for questions, call 1-800-SFCLAIM. You can also file claims online at www.statefarm.com.


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