5 Things You Need to Know Today: Dec. 18

Here's a look at some events going on around the Dexter area today.

The daily 5 has the weather forecast, gas prices, and some suggestions on how to spend your day.

1. The weather

The National Weather Service predicts mostly cloudy skies today, with a high near 40 degrees. Tuesday night there is a 30 percent chance of rain, with a low around 30 degrees.

2. Varsity basketball games

The Dexter High School girls varsity basketball team will travel to Lincoln High School for a match at 7 p.m. The boys' varsity basketball team will play at DHS at 7 p.m. Come support your Dreadnaught athletes.

3. Bible Study at St. Andrew's United Church of Christ

A Bible study will take place today at 9:30 a.m. All are welcome to attend. The event takes place at St. Andrew's United Church of Christ in Dexter.

4. Gas prices

MichiganGasPrices.com reports the following gasoline prices in the Dexter area as of Monday night:

  • $3.14 a gallon (regular) BP, 200 Baker Rd.
  • $3.25 a gallon (regular), Sunoco, 2940 Baker Rd.
  • $3.15 a gallon (regular), Pilot Service Station, 195 Baker Rd.
  • $3.15 a gallon (regular), Pilot Service Station, 750 Baker Rd.
  • $3.29 a gallon (regular), BP, 8135 Main St.
  • $3.29 a gallon (regular), Mobil, 7177 Dexter-Ann Arbor Rd.

5. This day in history

Dec. 18, 1865: On this day in 1865, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, abolishing slavery in America. The amendment read, "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude...shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction." For more historic dates, visit www.history.com.


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