Turkey Tech: Gadgets and Apps for Your Holiday Feast

Do you want to integrate the convenience of the smartphone with your Thanksgiving traditions? Here are some high-tech turkey-day ideas.

We've come a long way with holiday traditions lately, and the app boom is rising to meet the tech needs of the modern Thanksgiving kitchen. Here are just a few of the digital wonders you can feast on for the holidays, hopefully helping you simplify your shopping and cooking so you can shed the apron a bit sooner and relax with family on Thanksgiving.

  • iGrill is a wireless Bluetooth thermometer that lets you monitor oven temperatures and cooking times without standing over a hot oven all day. It's currently in stock at the Ann Arbor Best Buy at 3100 Lohr Rd.
  • A number of recipe apps are out there for Thanksgiving meal planning, including iFeast; Epicurious Recipes and Shopping list
  • Kayak app for travel planning, availalbe for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Windows, Nokia, and more.
  • Meanwhile, Grocery IQ, a coupon app available for iPhone and Android, can help you save a few dollars by planning your shopping trip.
  • The KitchenPad Timer app allows you to manage multiple cooking times from your iPhone.
  • If you're the prayerful type and need help finding just the right blessing for your holiday feast, you can download a Prayers from Scripture app to find prayers and blessings from the King James version of the Bible.
  • Also available, a History of Thanksgiving app, with images, stories and history of Thanksgiving.
  • And, just for fun, there's a Thanksgiving joke app available in case the turkey conversation gets a bit dry.


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