Warmer Winter Weather Prohibits Use of Dexter Ice Rink

The outdoor rink will remain closed indefinitely as temperatures hover in the mid-30s.

Dexter's outdoor skating arena in Monument Park is not seeing much love this year. Unseasonably warm temperatures have made the ice rink unsafe and expensive to keep up, and there is no relief in sight.

The arena opened briefly on Tuesday afternoon, but was closed again by Wednesday afternoon. Temperatures hovering in the mid- to upper 30s have melted away the village's plans to keep the rink open through the season.

"We've gotten a couple of days this season, but we've been at the mercy of Mother Nature," Allison Bishop, community development director said. "Until we get a refrigerated rink, our rink is only open when temperatures are consistently in the 20s."

Tim Norwood, who recently moved to Dexter, took his children skating on Tuesday evening.

"We were really excited to see that Dexter offers an outdoor arena free to use," Norwood said.

Mike Schultz, a graduate of Dexter High School, said he was happy to see the rink open briefly on Tuesday.

"I've been waiting for it to get cold enough to skate anywhere," he said. "The whole winter its been too warm."

Bishop said usually the rink is open throughout December, January and part of February.

"By March, the weather is just too warm to keep it open," she said.

Residents can check the village website and Facebook page for updates on the ice rink closure. According to information from the village, people skate at their own risk and safety gear is recommended. There is no skate attendant on duty and no hockey sticks or pucks are allowed.

The rink is sponsored by the Village of Dexter, Dexter Parks and Recreation Commission, the Dexter Area Chamber of Commerce, the Dexter Lions Club, the Dexter Rotary Club, Think Dexter First, and the Dexter Daze Committee.


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