What's Your New Year's Resolution?

Eating Christmas cookies is a time-honored tradition—as is the Jan. 1 resolution to lose the weight they left around the middle. What are you resolving to change or do in 2013?

What's Your New Year's Resolution?
What's Your New Year's Resolution?

Get healthy? Lose weight? Work less? Play more?

It's hard to pass from one year to the next without taking stock of what you liked and didn't like about the prior year. And often, those things you didn't like get turned into resolutions. 

The United States government has a list of popular resolutions. Things like drinking less alcohol, getting a better education or job, quitting smoking and saving money are on there—as is volunteering to help others. 

Time magazine put together another list: Commonly broken resolutions. And the lists look pretty similar. Time's list includes losing weight, learning something new, volunteering and drinking less. 

Statistic Brain compiled some New Year's Resolution stats. It seems 45 percent of Americans usually make resolutions, and another 17 percent infrequently does—but only 8 percent achieve them. And most of them are probably in their 20s. Of people in that decade, 39 percent achieve their resolution each year. That drops for the over-50 crowd to 14 percent. 

Not sure what your resolution should be? Check out this fun resolution generator


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