An Open Letter to No Thai Restaurant

Dexter Village residents argue that more restaurant variety is needed in the community.

We folks here in Dexter, just west of Ann Arbor, love our own community, as much as we love Ann Arbor. It's not much more than an 8-minute drive to get to the Old West Side from the village. You might say that Dexter has become a bit of a bedroom community for Ann Arbor.

My subdivision is replete with university doctors and teachers and researchers, and members of successful businesses of every size headquartered here in Washtenaw county. All these folks have a couple things in common - they're often too busy to spend hours in the kitchen preparing a family meal, and they really appreciate great Thai food.

I do my best to, a couple times a month, hit up the No Thai! restaurant on Plymouth Road on my way home from Domino Farms back to Dexter.  The drive is just long enough that I might have to nuke the dishes for a few seconds once I'm home, but it's a small price to pay for great Thai at a great price. The closest Thai restaurant to Dexter is in fact on the Old West Side, but if I'm going to drive that far from Dexter, I'll go a few extra miles for No Thai!. Go big or go home, right?

The Dexter Patch this week reported that not one but two new pizza places have chosen to locate in the Village of Dexter. That sounds good, until you realize that Dexter is already replete with pizza places: eight, yes eight restaurants that currently either serve pizza exclusively or feature pizza at last count, and perhaps two more if you include the subs restaurants that happen to serve a "pizza" on the menu. That makes 10 pizza joints in the Village of Dexter, with a population of 4,100. Our new person-to-pizza ratio is around 400 to 1! Apply that math to Ann Arbor, and there would have to be 250 pizza joints in the city to maintain the ratio!

We've been discussing it on Patch.com and on Facebook (remember, we tornado survivors still chat with each other a lot online). The consensus is clear. WE ARE SICK OF PIZZA.

Mostly, we've been pining for Thai, Mexican, Korean, Chinese, etc.  And No Thai! has been mentioned several times in these sick-of-pizza threads. Many have noted that you've made plans to open a new location on South University near campus, hinting at the chain's long-term success and suggesting your expansion is well deserved.

Oh, what we would not do to see No Thai! here in Dexter.

There is plenty of room for you here, with unoccupied new construction at reasonable prices. Plus a central village location would extend your market toward Scio Township, Chelsea and Pinckney, which also suffer from a lack of great Thai (or other Pan Asian) fare. We have a reliable local work force, and we're not far from I-94. Finally, I believe there are enough campus students in love with No Thai! that they'd take up the slack lost from folks like me stopping for carry out on the way home from work.

So, what do you say, Mr. No? What we wouldn't give to answer the question, "is No Thai! coming to Dexter?" with "No kidding!"

Brian Shensky

Dexter Village resident

Laura Jones August 08, 2012 at 04:18 AM
Wow, incredibly rude comment Jim. Maybe we can at least keep it civil? All she did was express an opinion about what she likes and doesn't like. Perhaps some things must change, but hopefully the demand for civility will not. You owe the lady an apology. The greasy spoon and 1945 comments were over the line.
Silly Head August 10, 2012 at 02:42 PM
"Bring in some real wholesome unadultrated food. Fresh fruits and vegetables without a lot of fakey sauces. Meats, fish and poultry that was fed right and treated humanely. I would gladly pay the price for a place that vowed to serve that kind of food." Totally agree with that statement and I think this is a universal consumer desire - no need to stereotype yuppie, Dexter settlers, or otherwise. But I also don't think you'll find that at Loreen's. (What is their food source? Gordon's? Where are they sourcing sausage, gravy, chicken and eggs? And what is it cooked in? Grill prep?) Any restaurant that focuses on a cheap price point is using mass production food sources which is a compromise of good, unadulterated, wholesome food. That's just economics, not politics.
Jane Doe September 22, 2012 at 12:51 AM
Aubree's isn't really a pizza joint. It has way more variety and pretty good food. Not to mention a bar... pizza joints don't have that.
Jane Doe September 22, 2012 at 12:52 AM
My vote is for Chipotle!
Jane Doe September 22, 2012 at 12:58 AM
"These small town minds stay small."


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