Dexter Mom Endorses Jim Carson for Village President

Palmer Insurance owner Paula Palmer Burns is supporting Jim Carson, Paul Cousins, and Julie Knight for election to the Dexter Village Council.

Dear Editor:

As a third generation Dexter resident, local businessowner, Dexter High School alumni, past-president of the Dexter Area Chamber of Commerce, active community member, and dedicated citizen I wanted to take this opportunity to endorse Jim Carson for village president, as well as, Paul Cousins and Julie Knight for village council trustees.

I believe that all three of them exemplify the characteristics of leaders this community needs.  

Jim Carson is extremely dedicated to the entire community of Dexter. He has a tremendous volunteer spirit and remains active in multiple organizations that provide service to this area. He believes in involving all parties and bringing people together to find the best plan of action for any challenge.

Paul Cousins is an irreplaceable activist for the health, culture, and well-being of the community of Dexter's citizens and businesses. He has been extremely instrumental in the progress Dexter has made through the challenging times as well as the successful times.

Julie Knight is also a life-long resident of the Dexter community. She has served in a municipality setting before and was always considered a fantastic asset to any organization she became involved in. She continues to give of her time and self to ensure that the character and history of Dexter remains one of its best drawing points for families and businesses to call it home.

Paula Palmer Burns

Dexter Village


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