Letter to the Editor: Chris Gordon Deserves Re-Election to Dexter School Board III

Gordon understands how the Dexter school system can provide the educational experience and tools students need to succeed.

Dear Editor:

I am pleased to endorse Chris Gordon for the position on the Dexter Community Schools Board of Education.

I have known Chris Gordon and his family since we lived overseas together while serving in the Navy and I was fortunate enough to see his involvement and dedication to the Department of Defense School system.

Now, as a Dexter resident, it came as no surprise to me that Chris continued his service to our community by serving on the Dexter School Board.

Chris demonstrates the visionary leadership and balanced approach required to ensure every issue the school board reviews considers the overall impact of any decision on both the student population and the community.

Chris’ overseas experience also allows him the vision to see the realm of the possible. Meaning he clearly understands how the Dexter school system can provide the educational experience necessary to provide the tools students will need to succeed in the global environment we now live in.

Chris is clearly an outstanding candidate to continue serving on the Dexter School Board and deserves your support.

Rick Vanden Heuvel


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