Letter to the Editor: Dexter Mom Endorses Jim Carson, Julie Knight for Dexter Village Council

Carson and Knight clearly see the issues facing the village and are not afraid to tackle them.

Dear Editor,

I endorse Jim Carson for village president. Although the village is doing well, as we saw in Mr. Keough's insert to the village newsletter, there are big changes coming up and expensive issues that need to be resolved--issues that should be dealt with sooner rather than later.

When I participated in the election forum and heard from the candidates, I was impressed with Mr. Carson's plan for the village. He clearly sees the issues facing the village and is not afraid to tackle them. Following up with him in conversation, it is apparent to me that he will make a great village president who will actually get things done.

I will be voting for Jim Carson not only because he has a plan, but also because he shows a willingness to listen to community members that will be refreshing.

I also endorse Julie Knight as a village trustee. She may be new to the village, but she is not new to the area or to township government. She served as treasurer on the Dexter Township Board for 25 years before becoming a trustee in 2008.

I will be voting for Julie because she is well qualified, but I will also vote for her because of her deportment at the election forum. She answered the questions with composure and common sense. I believe she will work well with the board and contribute in a positive way. Village residents will be lucky to have her working for us.

Barbara Read
Dexter School Board Candidate
Community Schools Volunteer
Village Resident

Barbara Read November 04, 2012 at 03:46 AM
Please ignore the word "actually" in the second paragraph. Reading back over this, it sounds like I think good things haven't been accomplished in the village. That's not what I intended to say.


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