Letter to the Editor: Dexter Township Should Opt Out of Countywide Transit Authority

Joining the countywide Washtenaw Ride transit authority would impose taxes on the township for services already provided in the community, resident says.

An open letter to Dexter Township:

Before imposing a new tax on township residents, the Dexter Township Board of Trustees has the opportunity to opt out of the proposed Washtenaw County transit plan that would result in the creation of a new transit authority to be called the Washtenaw Ride. It is my understanding that this proposal will be brought before the Dexter Township Board at the regularly scheduled Oct. 16 meeting.

With the Washtenaw Area Value Express already providing affordable transportation to residents of Dexter Township, I see no benefit to township residents and tax payers in joining the proposed Washtenaw Ride transit authority.

The township only has this one opportunity to opt out. If the township board does not opt out at this time, Dexter Township residents will be forced to pay increased taxes for a service that they neither need nor benefit from. If the need for this service should arise in the future, the township would have the option of opting in at that time.

On the other hand, I strongly support the proposition to build a permanent fire substation in Dexter Township. The proposed fire substation will provide greater protection and services to all of the residents of Dexter Township.

Larry G. Courson

Dexter Township resident

Laura Jones October 13, 2012 at 05:19 PM
If it adds nothing to the township, by all means opt out!


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