Letter to the Editor: Learn from History to Direct Your Vote

Dexter Township Supervisor Pat Kelly deserves another term in office.

Dear Editor:

Dexter Township residents will choose a supervisor this election, and party politics have nothing to do with qualifications or expected agendas.

The last time James Drolett ran for re-election as supervisor, he was defeated by John Sdao, a complete novice to public service, because Mr. Drolett had lost his focus as a public servant.

Specifically, when the sewer project for Portage and Baseline Lakes, chaired by Mr. Drolett was before the public for consideration, the public was so distrustful of the representations made that a group was able to stop the project with a referendum vote, leaving Dexter Township holding the bag for the to-date project costs.

The township trustees had to select a new representative, who Mr. Drolett voted against, to get things turned around so the objectors no longer were foes of the project and it then could be completed and Dexter Township get off the hook for project costs.

When the North Lake area folks indicated interest in a sewer, Mr. Drolett worked hard to make that happen, being able to draw on experience he had learned from the Portage-Base project. But the township trustees wouldn’t make Mr. Drolett one of four Dexter Township representatives on the Multi-Lakes Sewer Authority Board, so the miffed Mr. Drolett let those inexperienced folks twist in the wind and screw up the startup of that authority. And that authority is still struggling in part because of that.

One certainly hopes that one’s judgment would improve with age but it doesn’t look like it to this writer. Mr. Drolett now proposes that he as township supervisor-elect and his wife, Elizabeth Brushaber, as township treasurer-elect, be a part of the township Board of Trustees, with that household then having two of the seven votes on that board. That does not appear to be good democratic representation for the rest of the township.

And while speaking of Ms. Brushaber, I note she wants “revisions” to the present zoning ordinance in her political posturing but also note that she has voted in favor or every change to replace the 1973 zoning ordinance including the 2003 first edition that was defeated by another township referendum.

Except for incumbent Trustee Carl Lesser, the entire board then approved another terrible new zoning ordinance with the notion we’ll fix it after it is in place. That’s like saying let’s drill for oil and then clean up the mess. This has been both time consuming and very expensive.

Our incumbent supervisor, Pat Kelly, was a part of this board action but acknowledges the zoning ordinance “needs fixing” and feels some progress has been made and there is more to do. I think she has learned from the board’s mistakes. And she is honest. I suggest we give her more string.

I am aware the “steeple people” feel Dexter Township gave the Methodist Church a hard time over zoning fees, but they were only treating the church like any other applicant and apparently the church folks didn’t think that should be. No incumbent should be punished for following the law or being even-handed. If the law is wrong, change the law!

Dana Bullen is easily as qualified to be township treasurer as her opponent and does not come with the baggage that her husband will be township supervisor.

Tom Ehman

Portage Lake

Concerned Citizen November 02, 2012 at 12:24 AM
I would also like people to note that both Jim D. and Libby B (husband and wife) hold a few pensions between the two of them already - I believe the number to be between 3 to 5 and if elected they will then have a couple more pensions to add to their treasure chest of public service jobs! This man did nothing but lie to us each every time we had to deal with him nearly 20 years ago - he is NOT ABOUT THE PEOPLE IS HE ONLY ABOUT HIMSELF! I am a Republican and I WILL NOT VOTE JIM D. OR LIBBY B. They are trying to take this township down a road that we have already been down - it wasn't pretty then and I don't expect anything different from them now. PAT KELLY has worked hard for this township and she is truthful - she wants only the best for us all. One more note - since when can little townships like ours afford pensions and healthcare for life!
Laura Jones November 02, 2012 at 01:11 PM
How much longer does Pat Kelly need to do something more than nothing at all about the zoning? Nothing at all is what she has accomplished thus far on that issue. I think it's rich to accuse the opposition of being self centered - not sure there is much evidence of being less than that for Ms. Kelly either. While we are at it, why in the world are any Township people getting pensions who have served less than 20 years? And healthcare after being in office? What the heck? We cannot afford that for anyone. There's a referendum worth having.


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