2012 Primary: Scio Township Candidates Unopposed in Re-Election Bid

The entire Scio Township Board of Trustees is running unopposed in the 2012 election.

Scio Township residents will have several familiar faces to choose from for representation on the township's board of trustees. 
Supervisor E. Spaulding Clark, Clerk Nancy Hedberg, and Treasurer Donna Palmer are all running unopposed. There are also four trustee seats open, and four candidates vying for them in the 2012 election. Each seat’s term lasts for four years.

Dexter Patch sent out questionnaires to each of the Scio Township candidates for the Aug. 7 primary, and following are their responses:

Candidate: E. Spaulding Clark

Office sought: Township Supervisor

Political affiliation: Democrat

Occupation: Scio Township supervisor  

Education: Albion College (B.A.); University of Michigan (J.D.); Wayne State University (L.L.M.)

Previous elected office: Scio Township Supervisor; Scio Township Trustee  

Current public service: Ann Arbor Rotary Club; West Washtenaw Business Association; SEMCOG; Ann Arbor Chamber of Commerce; SPARK; First Presbyterian Church.

What are two key issues in your township? Environment and land preservation; local government financing.

How will you address these issues?

Local government financing is in the hands of the state legislature, and it is important to let our elected state representatives know that the state has to uphold its financial commitments to the local governments by not continuing to reduce funding as they have in the past.

Preservation of the quality of life is tied to both the state’s financial commitments to local government, as well as local government’s commitments to issues like land preservation, an even balance between residential, agricultural and business uses. Thus, local governments have to allocate scarce revenues to accomplish these ends without the need to increase taxes in a wavering economy.

Candidate: Nancy Hedberg

Office sought: Scio Township clerk

Political affliation: Democrat

Occupation: Retired landscape architect, clerk for Scio Township since November 2008 

Education: University of Illinois (B.A.)

What are two key issues in your township? (1) Continuing to serve residents’ expectations in times of declining revenues. (2) Condition of local roads.

How will you address these issues?

1. We have looked for ways over the past four years to reduce costs where
we can, for example, employee health insurance costs, and application for non-profit status for election mailings. I will continue to keep a close eye
on other steps we can take to reduce costs.
2. We have a local roads committee that has worked very hard over the
past four years to study ways to improve the condition of our local roads.
We hope to take steps during the next term to address these issues.

Editor's note: Scio Township treasurer candidate Donna E. Palmer and trustee candidates David S. Read, Richard A. DeLong, Jack Knowles and Christine Green have not responded to repeated email inquires.


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