Big News Around You: Man Accused of Breaking Infant Son's Ribs

Here's a look at some of the top stories around Washtenaw County for the week of Dec. 3.

As we set our sights to the upcoming holidays, here's a look at the top stories of the week from the area's publications: Did we miss an event this week? Tell us in the comments.

1. Ann Arbor.com reports that a 28-year-old Pittsfield Township man is accused of damaging his son's ribs while trying to get the 2-month-old to use the bathroom. According to the article, the man squeezed the infant too hard and fractured seven ribs.

2. Dexter Patch reports that a cartoon printed in the Dexter High School student newspaper has caused some students to speak out against bullying.

3. Chelsea Update reports that the Chelsea United Way is well on its way to meeting the $100,000 fundraising goal this year. The nonprofit has raised $70,000 from community donations.

4. Ann Arbor.com reports that residents in Washtenaw County could be forced to pay a new tax for a proposed regional transit authority. Senate Bill 911 passed in the state Legislature and gives a new four-county authority the power to impose higher vehicle registration fees in the region to pay for regional transit services.

5. Ann Arbor.com reports that new legislation allowing residents to carry concealed handguns in "gun-free" zones, including college campuses, schools, hospitals, daycare centers, sports arenas, bars, churches and large entertainment venues, is gaining support among politicians in Lansing.


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