Bill Gajewski Joins Dexter Township Board Following Election Recount

Gajewski edged past opponent Anne Sullivan Buchholz with five votes during a recount certified by the Washtenaw County Board of Canvassers on Monday.

A new face will join the Dexter Township Board of Trustees at its meeting on Dec. 18 following a recount of the township's Nov. 6 election results on Monday.

The Washtenaw County Board of Canvassers confirmed that resident Bill Gajewski was elected to the board with 1,629 votes.

"I'm extremely elated to win," Gajewski said. "I want to thank everyone who voted for me, especially because I didn't actively begin campaigning until the week prior to the election due to family issues. I'm happy with the results."

According to the official election results on Nov. 6, Anne Sullivan-Buchholz won election to the board with 1,631 votes to Gajewski's 1,630. Under election law however, any candidate can file a request for a recount up to six days after an election.

The individual that files the petition must pay $10 per precinct for each precinct he or she would like recounted. After the petition is filed, the other candidates are notified and given the opportunity to file objections to the request.

According to Ed Golembiewski, chief deputy clerk for Washtenaw County, no objections were filed.

Gajewski's petition for the recount states that he believes one voter was not properly asked to present an ID at the polls, along with concerns of absentee voter ballot duplication.

Gajewski has a background in conservation, with a bachelor's degree from Ferris State University and master planner certification from Michigan State University.

Gajewski, who characterizes himself as a fiscal conservative, said he would like to preserve the quality of the lakes community and rural character of the township while still allowing for flexibility in the township's zoning ordinance.

"We do not want to become Anywhere, USA, by losing our sense of place and our sense of community via large lot zoning. This can easily happen with a too restrictive, overreaching zoning ordinance," he said.

Township Clerk Harley Rider said this is the first time in 27 election cycles that a candidate asked for a recount.

"I feel bad for Anne because she brought a fresh voice to the board. I respected the approach she took with her responsibilities; however, Bill brings a new perspective as well, and I think we'll work well together," Rider said.

Gajewski will be sworn-in later this week.

Dexter Township Trustee Recount

Candidate Votes John Emerick 
1,577 Bill Gajewski 
1,629 Mike Howard 1,629
Carl Lesser 1,801 Anne Sullivan-Buchholz 
1,624 Steve Feinman 1,494 Jason Maciejewski   
Roger McDonough December 20, 2012 at 05:48 PM
First, congratulations to Bill Gajewski and condolences to Anne Sullivan-Buchholz. Second, Is anyone else concerned about the real issue here? Te method by which your vote is counted is inaccurate. Can any of the other results be trusted? Let's look at the data: The original reported results showed 11432 total votes for Dexter Township Trustees. The recount (data above) shows 11398 votes. This means that the voting machines used OVERCOUNTED the ballots by 34. Also, the following vote changes occurred as a result of the recount: John Emerick (-1 vote) Bill Gajewski (-1 vote) Mike Howard (-3 votes) Carl Lesser (+1 vote) Anne Sullivan Buchholz (-7 votes) Steve Feinman (-10 votes) Jason Maciejewski (-3 votes) Write-in (-10 votes) Apparently, the voting equipment is faulty. I think they had a similar problem in Dade County Florida in 2000. This resulted in the revelation that voting equipment across the nation was either susceptible to tampering, or was prone to errors. I am most interested in knowing what the township and the county intend to do the identify the root cause of the problem AND ensure that it does not reoccur.


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