Dexter Residents Could Decide if Village Becomes City in 2013

Dexter residents submitted a petition for a referendum vote on cityhood to the State Boundary Commission on Aug. 23.

Dexter Village's plans for cityhood may be on hold at least until next year.

A small group of local residents submitted a petition with the State Boundary Commission’s Office this week to seek a referendum vote on whether or not the village should proceed with its application.

The petition was filed during the state's , which is the next next legal step in the process of Dexter becoming a city. The commission  in July. 

In order to request a referendum, 5 percent of registered voters must sign the petition. On Aug. 23, the Boundary Commission received a petition with 373 signatures, 13 percent of registered voters in the village. 

The Boundary Commission will now request the Scio and Webster Township Clerk Offices to validate the names and signatures. 

"I've said from the very beginning that this should be a decision that people need to vote on," resident Jim Smith said.

Smith said it will be up to the State Boundary Commission to determine when cityhood could be placed on a ballot.

"Most likely it will be sometime next year if our request is approved," he said.

If the clerks determine there aren’t enough valid signatures on the petition, village voters will be asked to elect a charter commission, which will be comprised of nine members, who would write the governing document for the new City of Dexter.

According to information provided by the village, the main benefits of becoming a city include not paying township taxes, having a centralized government for the city with all elections and tax payments within the city, and more recognition at the state and county level since Dexter is still considered part of Webster and Scio townships.

For a detailed history of the cityhood process, visit Dexter's information page on the village website.

Shawn Letwin August 29, 2012 at 05:02 PM
Kudos to Jim Carson advocating that a government body follow the decisions of the electorate instead of the elected few being influenced by the self-interests of a few. A great example of how a government body needs to be run-at least that is how I was taught in civics class. Too bad that is not how we see government bodies being run at all levels within this area, state and nation. Shame on my generation of elected officials (and the corporate leaders and the financial industry too)! Thanks again Jim for keeping our government in the hands of the people!
Daniel Lai August 29, 2012 at 05:17 PM
The comment can't be edited, however I believe Shawn means Jim Smith.


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