Dexter Township OKs Fireworks Inspections

The Dexter Area Fire Department will inspect temporary and permanent fireworks stands in the township for safety compliance.

The Dexter Township Board of Trustees adopted a resolution at its meeting on Jan. 15 to allow Dexter Area Fire Department firefighters to conduct inspections for local consumer fireworks sales facilities.

The resolution was approved at the request of DAFD Fire Chief Loren Yates.

According to Capt. Donald Dettling, Michigan fire departments were notified in 2012 of an opportunity to apply for inspection delegation for consumer fireworks sales facilities from the Bureau of Fire Services.

Dettling said due to the growing number of fireworks stands in Michigan, the state is passing consumer fireworks inspection authority to local jurisdictions that have state certified fire inspectors.

On Jan. 1, 2012 a law went into effect allowing for the legal purchase of certain fireworks in Michigan — including aerial cakes, bottle rockets, roman candles and firecrackers.

Dettling said the transfer of inspection authority is a revenue generator for local fire departments.

Retailers who sell fireworks to the public are required to apply for a permit, which costs $800 for permanent businesses and $480 for a temporary fireworks stand. Dettling said the DAFD will collect 80 percent of the permit application fee for inspection services.

Fireworks violation citations will remain part of the Bureau of Fire Services.

"As fire chief, I support this process, and encourage all municipalities to also participate and support it. Although there will be revenue realized for the DAFD, the main benefit will be in the knowledge of the location and inventory of the applicants," Yates said.

The Dexter Village Council passed a similar resolution at its meeting on Jan. 14.


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