Driskell Running For State Representative

Saline Mayor Gretchen Driskell will kick off her campaign for state representative with a party at Mangiamo's Tuesday.

Saline Mayor Gretchen Driskell is running to represent the 52nd District in the Michigan House of Representatives.

Driskell, who has been mayor of Saline since 1999, will run as a Democratic Party candidate against incumbent Mark Ouimet, the Republican from Scio Township. She will kick off her campaign with a party at at 7 p.m., Tuesday, March 27 in downtown Saline.

"As a community volunteer and the Mayor of Saline since 1999, it has been my honor to help create a place we are proud to call home. As a realtor and mom, I know from personal experience the hard times many Michiganders are facing and I want to help turn this state around," wrote Driskell in an announcement posted on Facebook. "That is why I am running to represent the 52nd District in the Michigan House of Representatives."

To date, Driskell and Ouimet are the only candidates who have publicly expressed interest in running for the 52nd District.

At the council table, Driskell has been critical of the Republicans' cuts to revenue sharing payments to municipalities. She took the criticism a step further in her her announcement

"I am running for State Representative because I believe the people in our communities have not been adequately represented. Lansing has cut education funding, community development programs, and put business before people," said Driskell in her announcement. "I believe a more educated population will give us a greater competitive edge globally than the giant corporate tax cut that was implemented last year."

Driskell said the state needs a more balanced approach as it considers the interests of business and communities.

"If we are to be globally competitive in this 21st century economy we need to be investing in the people and places that create successful communities," Driskell wrote.

In Ouimet, Driskell faces tough competition. Since the last election, the 52nd District was redrawn. It's considerably more friendly to Republicans than it was, as heavily Democratic areas in Ann Arbor have been replaced by more Republican-leaning areas. Ouimet, whose official campaign announcement included several key Saline endorsements, has on re-election.


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