Former Police Officer Dan Davis Challenges U.S. Rep. Tim Walberg in Tuesday's Primary Election

The U.S. Congressman says he's done everything he promised since ousting Democrat Mark Schauer in 2010.

U.S. Rep. Tim Walberg, R-District 7, could all but clench the Republican nomination in Tuesday's primary.

Dan Davis of Riga in Lenawee County is on the Republican ballot along with Walberg, however he has done only minor campaigning leading up to the election.

Repeated attempts to contact Walberg and Davis for this story were unsuccessful.

In an interview with MLive, Walberg said he's done everything he promised constiuents since taking office in 2010.

Those promises include repealing President Obama's overhaul of the health care system, reducing the deficit, and implementing measures to increase job growth.

Walberg said if he is elected to a second term, he will continue his fight to repeal the .

"I think the most  important issue is defeating Obamacare and putting an alternative in place," Walberg told MLive.

Davis, a security manager and consultant for a private firm, said he is mainly running for office in response to the government's "out of control spending."

"I have grown tired of watching polished politicians from both major parties make promises they have no intention of keeping. Of making promises that bankrupt our country and rob us of our work ethic and force many into lives of government dependence," Davis said in a written statement on his website.

"Government’s current spending and program growth is clearly unsustainable. America is on a crash course with destiny and we are on the fast track to mediocrity and lower standard of living. But fortunately I believe that all is not lost, and it is not too late to slow down and change course," Davis writes.

If elected, Davis said he would work to repeal the recent health care legislation and work toward reducing the size of the federal government by 20 percent in two years. He is also in favor of eliminating the Department of Education and reducing the tax burdern on families in the district by creating a flat tax program.

The winner of Tuesday's primary will face Democrat Ruben Marquez of Summit Township or Kurt Haskell of Monroe County.


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