LaFontaine Chevrolet Plans for Wind Turbine, Artwork

The Dexter dealership's expansion plans are on schedule despite setbacks due to inclement weather in the fall.

LaFontaine Chevrolet is "going green" with plans to install a 20-foot wind turbine in the coming months as part of the .

Matt LaFontaine, who addressed the Dexter Village Council at their meeting Monday, said the wind turbine would generate power for the lights on his property.

According to LaFontaine, he plans to incorporate the turbine with a permanent artwork display at the front of the dealership in order to create an environmentally friendly and eye-catching entrance to the community of Dexter.

“We want something that would almost be like a trademark for Dexter,” LaFontaine said.

LaFontaine also updated the council on the construction progress of the facility. Despite construction delays due to rain, phase one of the project is still on schedule for completion in April.

“We should have the building enclosed in the next few weeks,” LaFontaine said.

The floors will be poured by the end of January when crews will begin work on the interior. Phase two of the project, which includes the dealership’s service center, will begin construction in late spring.

In other council news:

  • The council voted unanimously to approve amendments to its General Code Nuisance Ordinance, which will give the village the authority to add abatement charges to a property owner’s taxes in the event of non-compliance and non-payment. This amendment permits a village abatement after a court appearance and a property owner’s failure to address the violation. According to material provided by the village, if costs and invoices are not paid by the violator, the village will now have the authority to add the charges to the taxes to assure payment.
  • The village ice rink has been installed but will most likely not be open for skating for at least two weeks due to the warmer weather in the forecast, according to Community Development Manager Allison Bishop.  



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