Race to Watch: Gordon, Read Face-Off for Dexter School Board Trustee

Dexter resident Barbara Read is challenging incumbent Chris Gordon for a seat on the Board of Education.

While all eyes have been on the race between President Obama and Mitt Romney, locally the outcomes of several elections could change the makeup of boards and councils in Dexter.

One race to watch is the election for a part-time position on the Dexter Community Schools Board of Education.

Current incumbent Chris Gordon faces Dexter resident Barbara Read in the race.

Gordon was picked by the board to replace trustee Kim Covert in February. A former U.S. Navy pilot, Gordon said if elected, he will work closely with other members of the board to reduce the impact of revenue reductions in the classroom.

"Ours is a dynamic, growing district that deserves to be represented with high expectations and responsible stability during the myriad challenges we are facing. I use my perspectives as a parent and perennial school volunteer, my extensive leadership experience, and my steadfast commitment to the community to meet these challenges," Gordon said.

"I understand the role of a trustee is to see the big picture and to focus on policies and priorities rather than micromanaging the daily operations of the district. I work effectively with my Board of Education colleagues to minimize the impact of revenue reductions on the classroom and to promote the achievement of all students throughout their Dexter Community Schools experience."

Read, a parent and volunteer in the district, is campaigning on a platform of communication and transparency.

"Many parents have expressed their concern that they do not have a voice with the board of education. Dexter parents want to feel that their ideas and concerns are heard by the board. As a board of education trustee, I will be an advocate for the parents of Dexter to ensure their opinions are expressed and considered at all board meetings," she said.

"The school board has tough choices to make when considering among options, and parental input is vital. Our No. 1 priority for the district must be to provide a meaningful education for every student we serve. I will work to establish clear academic achievement standards to ensure that students graduating from Dexter Community Schools are prepared to succeed in adult life after high school in this challenging economy, whether their plans include college, vocational training, or some other path."

You can read more about Chris Gordon at http://www.gordon4dexterschools.org.

You can read more about Barbara Read at http://www.barbararead.org/

Daniel Lai October 31, 2012 at 08:37 PM
Thanks for your patience everyone. Our parent company is dealing with issues across the country due to the hurricane. I'm told IT folks are working as quickly as possible to fix the problems. ~Daniel
Shawn Letwin November 01, 2012 at 10:35 AM
Daniel Lai had posted a response to my comment made at 6:53am on 10/31 sometime between then and 12:30pm. The following comment was made about Daniel Lai response, a comment which has been removed by Patch. Hi Shawn Letwin, mrd also commented on Race to Watch: Gordon, Read Face-Off for Dexter School Board Trustee. "Rude or not, he's right about a lot of stuff. That means something. He shouldn't be made to stand by himself when surely others agree with him. Avoiding the tough questions and calling "foul" relies on apathy. Unfortunately, that strategy works all too often. And we give the kids less." Hope the IT folks get the glitch taken care of that has caused some posts to appear, disappear and maybe reappear.
Shawn Letwin November 01, 2012 at 10:41 AM
Same situation as stated in the prior post... Laura Jones also commented on Race to Watch: Gordon, Read Face-Off for Dexter School Board Trustee. "Sorry Daniel, but if you are the editor / chief reporter / sole reporter of a local news outlet, your retort is simply unacceptable. You have lost the high ground as a reporter. I believe being called on the carpet by Shawn Letwin may be uncomfortable, even uncalled for, but retorting with personal invective is unprofessional. While Shawn Letwin's comments may have a tone to them that some do not care for, I would not say they cross the line to rude, at least here. Confrontational, yes, but I am unaware that such a position is out of bounds. It displays his or her passion, which others are free to discount, accept or simply ignore. Your response, however, goes immediately to the personal and indefensible; slinging others anonymous commentary of Letwin forward with whatever corporate authority you possess. Worse, it's is impossible for Letwin or anyone else to respond since there is no way for anyone to ascertain the validity of your statements attributed to anonymous others - and you essentially "own" the pulpit. If you want to go after someone, use you own backbone and your own words. This is a real breach of journalistic ethics. Not sure The Patch can continue to be successful with this type of misuse of position."
Shawn Letwin November 01, 2012 at 11:10 AM
I would have posted what Daniel Lai had posted between 6:53am 10/31 and around 12:30pm or so, but Patch does not send out notifications of what the Patch staff comments are to the articles. This reader stands by what I have posted, the information contained and the soundness of my queries. Some may be uncomfortable, disagree, etc., but we live in a country that is founded on the First Amendment. An amendment meant to protect organizations such as Dexter Patch, let alone the citizens of this country; actually, anyone who is in this country: legal, illegal, visitor, named enemies such as the Iranian president. It is unfortunate that Dexter Patch has chosen to selectively sensor what the readers sees. I can live with that. I can also live with what the Patch is and what it isn't. Another example of those who choose to be disagreeable when there is a disagreement. Even in Dexter...well, especially in Dexter. Take note to those with contrary views with the powers to be. They will attempt to make you pay a price. Mary Marshall (then Creekside Principal) attempted such when my daughter was in Sixth grade. My daugter was subjected to an in school suspension for some alleged incident two weeks prior to the suspension. An incident that we were not aware of until we got a call the day of the suspension; occurring at a time when I just started asking questions and speaking out almost 10 years ago. Enjoy, take care and be well.
Daniel Lai November 01, 2012 at 12:03 PM
Thanks everyone, for a spirited conversation! We are closing the comment stream.


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