Will Right-to-Work Law Lead to Recall of Gov. Snyder?

A political expert said Michigan could be “ground zero for a recall vote” against the Republican governor in 2013.

Could the swift passage of the highly controversial right-to-work legislation lead to Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder's appearance on a statewide ballot for something other than his re-election campaign?

One political expert thinks it's possible.

Joshua Spivak, a senior fellow at Wagner College’s Hugh L. Carey Institute for Government Reform, told Politico that Michigan could be “ground zero for a recall vote” against Snyder in 2013.

“There doesn’t seem to be a specific goal of going after state legislatures or state governors in any significant way, though that might change in Michigan because of right-to-work (legislation),” Spivak said in the Politico story. 

Local recall elections, such as the one voters recently approved against Troy Mayor Janice Daniels, are common over hot button topics. However, statewide recalls are far and few between.

In 2012, the only statewide recall was in Wisconsin against Gov. Scott Walker, his lieutenant governor and four state senators.

The effort was for naught, however, as the recall effort was unsuccessful.

Similar to the hubbub over Michigan's right-to-work legislation, Walker's recall was backed largely by labor groups after Walker stripped unions of collective bargaining rights.

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What do you think? Will there be an effort to recall Snyder? If so, would you vote in favor of it? Tell us in the comments below.

John Locke December 29, 2012 at 05:02 PM
The tough nerd is tough only against women's rights, civil rights, labor rights and public education. Pthe then that he follows the path of goodies laid out by the Michigan Chamber of commerce and the Koch brothers to further big business agenda at the expense of ordinary taxpayers. He displays his ability to kow tow and And follow the orders of the Republican myopic self righteous blasphemous Republican cabal in the legislature. He should be recalled.
Fort Mackinac December 29, 2012 at 10:03 PM
So you union leaders want a recall. It seems the same tin-ear that lead you to believe it was a good idea to try to write unions into the constitution is now telling you a recall is a good idea. Well, let's see, you'll be attempting to unseat a popular governor presiding over the third year of a growing economy, declining unemployment, and ever improving State finances. Oh, and you'll be going after him because he just enacted the will of the people as expressed through the strong rejection of your ballot initiative in November. Good luck with that.


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