Cornerstone Elementary's 'Science Spectacular' Educates Dexter Youth

Dozens of families turnout for the annual open house event in Dexter.

held its annual “Science Spectacular” open house on Friday.  Throngs of children and their families filled the hallways, cafeteria and gymnasium of the school to try their hands at science experimentations.

The free annual event, sponsored by the Cornerstone Parent-Teacher Group (CPTG), is aimed at making science fun and exciting for kids of all ages. 

Upon arrival, kids and their families registered and received “passports,” which helped guide them through the circuit of 10 interactive experiments and an animal presentation.  The passports also included illustrations how to perform each experiment. 

Participants were encouraged to perform experiments at any station as often as they desired.  Each child who completed an experiment earned a stamp on his or her passport and was free to move on to the next station.  Some of the experiment stations afforded the children the opportunity to take home souvenirs like a fossil or their very own lava lamp made with oil, water and food coloring.

This year’s event featured several new experiments such as "elephant toothpaste" and "mini volcano."  In the toothpaste experiment, children mixed hydrogen peroxide with yeast, warm water, liquid dish soap and food coloring and watched the fizzing reaction. 

The rocket launch station was one of the more popular areas.  Children had the opportunity to learn about Isaac Newton’s Second Law of Motion.  The laws says that when you apply a force on something, it moves.  Students constructed rockets using materials such as empty soda bottles that were attached, by hoses, to the launch pads.

Student Sarah Benilous said she enjoyed the animal presentation the best.

"I liked the animal show because it had a giant iguana," she said.

Science Night lead organizer and Cornerstone parent Tara Basso enjoys being involved in the event. 

“It is a lot of fun trying different experiments…and seeing what new and exciting experiments committee members come up with,” she said.

The event was organized by more than 15 parent and student volunteers, including Community Service and Leadership class students from Mill Creek.

“It is a great group of parents and volunteers and Science Night would not be possible without them,” Basso said.

Christy Vander Haagen May 15, 2011 at 07:40 PM
Science Night was fabulous again this year! Thanks, Tara and her awesome team for all of your hard work! My kids look forward to it yearly. :)
Tara Basso May 17, 2011 at 09:48 AM
It was an awesome night!
Craig McCalla May 18, 2011 at 01:41 PM
Thank you to the Cornerstone Parent Teacher Group and Tara Basso for organizing such a wonderful event for our students!


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