Dexter Schools Post Bus Routes for Upcoming School Year

The new routes will improve traffic flow on Baker Road near Bates and Wylie elementary schools.

The first day of school for Dexter kids is Sept. 4.

Parents and children are scurrying to make their final preparations for the big day, from picking out the coolest lunch boxes and buying essential school supplies to picking out their school clothes.

If families are wondering where their kids will catch the school bus next week, Dexter Community Schools has already posted an extensive list of all of the district's school bus routes.

For your convenience, Dexter Patch has also published the school bus routes. Routes can be viewed online at http://dexterschools.org/transportation/bus-routes/.

To help alleviate congestion near Bates and Wylie elementary schools, the district is also altering the direction traffic flows in front of Bates by reversing the loop in the front of the school, and making the road from Wylie to Bates one-way traffic only.

"The changes will assist in alleviate traffic problems on Baker Road, eliminate traffic where students walk from Bates to the parking lot, and divert traffic away from the Kensington Street, Inverness Street, and Grand Street areas," Sean Burton, director of transportation said. "We understand that these changes mainly affect the Bates and Wylie students, however, anytime there are changes to the traffic patterns the affects are felt across the community."

For questions or concerns about the bus routes, call Deneen Smith at 734-424-4190 or email smithd@dexterschools.org.


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