We're Looking to Highlight Dexter Students

Boast about your child's accomplishments, send us your favorite pictures from the athletic fields, school performances or start your own blog.

Search through old photo albums and chances are you'll find a picture of yourself on the first day of school.

Could be a photo of you smiling proudly the day you started kindergarten, or the time you rode the school bus for the first time. No doubt, the photographs highlight your new haircut, new clothes and new backpack and lunch box.

And no doubt you've captured those same memories of your own children. Next week, you can share those highlights with the Dexter community. Just attach your photos here .

And throughout this school year, there are several other ways to highlight the student in your life.

Students You Should Know: Know someone who has done something super special? It could be the kid who volunteers on weekends, a child who has gotten perfect attendance or someone who won an academic honor or an unusual award. If you think it's fantastic, it probably is. So, celebrate the accomplishment here on Patch.

Athletes of the Week: We'll be looking for nominations for an occasional series highlighting awesome student athletes. We're not necessarily looking for the stars. Has someone overcome an injury to go on to have a successful season. Does your student trainer deserve special recognition? What about those cheerleaders?

Express yourself - on Patch!: In this age of Facebook and Twitter, young people are expressing themselves more than ever. Now they can share their musings about everything from their daily adventures, to their favorite hobbies, sports and books. Contact us about writing a blog for Patch.

And remember you can always post your own announcements directly on Dexter Patch by clicking the "Announce it here" tab to the right of the page. It can be a reminder about the upcoming car wash to raise funds for the gymnastics team or the fact that your child just made the dean's list.

We're looking forward to hearing from you! Have a great school year.


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