Dexter High School Lacrosse Program Making Strides

Coach Brian Callanan says this year's season will be a building year for the fledgling sports team.

By Theodore Grammatico

Dexter Squall Staff Writer

Brian Callanan, the new head coach of the lacrosse team said it’s obvious that huge strides have been made in establishing a strong lacrosse program. But getting the school to recognize and cooperate with the team was challenging at first.

“We had to establish our brand,” Callanan said.

According to Callanan, field arrangements have been a problem for the numerous spring teams including lacrosse, and solving the issue was something that wasn’t being taken care of. After Brett Steele, the athletic director for Dexter Schools was hired, the problem was solved quickly, Callanan said.

“Brett has been very receptive and had good ideas for the usage of the fields,” Callanan said.

Callanan said he is excited for the future of Dexter lacrosse.

“Not only am I a new coach, but it’s a new sport," he said.


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